When Jacob found himself returning to the scene of his own crime, he was facing the very real threat of his own mortality. He wronged his brother by stealing the blessing away from him. His brother was much stronger than him and he knew that he could easily kill him in his anger.
Thread compilation The fake news is wondering why Trump chose to start his Presidential rallies for 2024 at the infamous Waco, Texas and for once, they…
Thread Compilation On June 22nd, 2017 Nancy Pelosi explains a common tactic used by the deep state, the 'Wrap Up Smear.' "It's a diversionary tactic…
The similarities between Trump and Jackson deserve a closer look. As we know, the hidden hand of slavery is propagated by the banking cabal and few even…
Compilation of a thread on the Federal Reserve Slave system designed to control the masses and enrich the cabal. Edward Griffin succinctly explains what…
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Politics, in itself, has the capability of draining you of your love for life. To solely focus on how evil the swamp/ the Babylon system is, will surely…
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