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Wow! A fantastic and COMPELLING article...well done! And thanks for embedding the videos...very telling, indeed! Thank you, Pepe!

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Glad to see that this has not been forgotten. I followed events closely at the time and it was clear that something big was happening. There has never been an adequate explanation and it has mostly been swept under the rug. Maybe we will know the truth some day.

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Only reason why I'm not freaked out by the current events going on is because Trump is so cool headed about all of this.

All the attacks on him, all the propaganda and he's not fazed in the slightest by the attacks mounted on him.

Even the threat of nuclear war doesn't seem to make him nervous, he's understandably concerned but he's not running around trying to promote fear.

Things are seemingly following a course of action which is unfolding as it should.

The fact that SA is applying to join BRICS and the fact that Russia isn't intimidated by NATO or the EU and the sanctions had little effect, except as a boomerang on the Deep State has demonstrated that there is some form of orchestration behind the scenes.

I've been watching this unfold since Nov. 2017 when the first mysterious intel drops happened and the people I see freaking out are the Deep State and the Globalist/NWO.

The thing which did and still does concern me the most are if these Globalist psychopaths decide to commit murder-suicide because they cannot stand the thought of losing their power, control, wealth and prestige. The Cabal are losing everything and yet they still keep trying to claim kingship over the whole of the earth.

I guess Satan really is a sore loser.

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I had goosebumps reading this! WoW and the videos too! Excellent Pepe!!

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There is a good video series[The Level Playing Field] by a Youtuber called Bonfire Guy who did a great summary of the White Hat strategy back on Nov. 2020., the series is recommended viewing for those who want to catch up on the over all strategy being rolled out.

The Great Awakening: Bonfire Guy


Game Over: The Level Playing Field


He goes over why Trump's 2017 World tour was a lot more significant than people realized at the time and why the whole deal with both SA and Putin as well as NK makes sense in the light of current world events.

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thank you for all your hard work brother

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Great comprehensive article with vids, thanks. When this happened I watched all the vids from people's phones that they posted on YouTube, that night and the next couple days. Then there was the coverup by Sheriff Lombardo. The whole thing never made any sense to me, except we all knew there was a Saudi connection.

Then a couple weeks ago Redpill78 had a guest on his show discussing this, John Cullen I think is his name. He has done significant work on this, and to me, what he knows, and what he conjectures, makes perfect sense and puts the whole thing together. He has a YouTube channel.

The Saudi "bad guys" were there, as you say, to take out Salman, and Paddock was used by the deep state/corrupt FBI as a patsy. He was dead long before the window was blown out.

The shooting all came from helicopters used by the Saudis, in multiple locations. Video footage and eyewitnesses prove this.

There were real victims that night, innocent people attending that concert. The FBI and Lombardo engaged in a massive coverup. Their cover story was of course, a lone crazy gunman. Nonsense. It all revolved around the Saudis.

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Damn! This is by far the best big picture presentation I have seen from the end of October, 2017 forward.

Most are viewing the end of Dollar hegemony (the bye bye to the Petro Dollar) as a bad thing. But that is a false perception. Now, if it were to be replaced with the Great Reset equivalent, then THAT would indeed be disastrous for the people. But, by the might of the God of Heaven and Earth, THAT dark scenario is not going to happen. See above article for why.

Not knowing the real economic (and I'll

edit in after comments to include "banking") history behind our original Constitutional money, and its eventual overthrow (Federal Reserve Banking Act 1913), confuses even the mass of anons.

The world can now only go 2 directions:

•a NWO world-wide debt-based banking system (similar to the current one only far more invasive and totally enslaving)


•a return to a decentralized gold/ silver standard.

We are fast moving into brand new territory. The FED monstrosity of its debt-rooted FRN (Federal Reserve Note) AKA the Dollar or PetroDollar has ended. If the NWO has its way, within a year or two at most, we'd be miserably wheeling truckloads of dead Dollars to the dump, if we could even get gas for the trucks.

When Russia defended itself against the NWO in Ukraine over a year ago, they plainly told the world it marked the end of the unipolar monetary system (AKA: the Petro Dollar). Once one nation steps out of synch with the Dollar Regime, the regime will collapse. This is why there is so much confusion surrounding Ukraine.

Back in the 1990's it was little ole Iraq that decided to step out line with the Petro Dollar, then Gaddafi of Libya in 2011. But they were easy for the NWO to slap down. But not so with Russia, and their accumulating allies.

Americans must come to realize the Dollar is not "their money". It's the forced-upon-us, dry-rot currency of an embedded Enemy from 1913, who through stealth and violence destroyed our constitutional money and usurped our God-given natural rights. This fake money was and is the very tool / mechanism the NWO uses to enslave us, tax us, diminish us, steal our elections, steal our property, corrupt politicians and corporations, and so much more.

For without actual economic liberty, what natural rights can you ultimately enforce?

When the money is bad, we eventually run out of resources to even arm, house and feed or transport ourselves. After all it's their money, a devouring blight that pursues us without end.

The Fed money is a debt-based currency, not a commodity-based currency. It only comes into existence as a loan first. Your income taxes pay the interest on that debt to the NWO. It's absolutely got go. And it will. A new day is soon upon us. Think in terms of a great Jubilee!

Go Pepe go!

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Excellent analysis. I reached the same conclusions. Worth noting that a month after Trump’s visit to SA, the King abdicated the throne and named MBS as Crown Prince. This was unprecedented and had never happened before in Saudi history. My own theory is that Trump negotiated the deal with the King, and effectively “knighted” MBS as his personal agent on the international stage.

Since that trip, MBS has been exercising Trump’s will abroad, especially ever since Biden took office. I actually have theorized that it was MBS who negotiated the Abraham Accords (peace on the Arabian peninsula) as the [non-Saudi] tribes of Arabia would have never trusted a westerner such as Kushner or Trump enough to come aboard.

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Great dig Pepe. One of your best.

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Thank you for compiling this. I've told the Vegas story multiple times in bits an pieces but always miss some important points. It is great to have the info all in one place to share.

Much appreciated.


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Thank you Pepe. It's interesting how we look at events that have happened, in a whole new light. Seeing that interview with Ellen is so telling now.

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That was magnificent my batrachian fren. I am familiar with Ms Robinson's efforts and they are laudable, but what you did right here is stunning, simply stunning 🐸

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Hell of a job PLM!🫡

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Awesome article. Thank you for the work you’re doing.

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Nice work great read thank you 🙏🏻

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